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Preparing for the Wild West (Mongolia)

(Tuesday 24 July 2007) by Lynda
Almost ready for our big trip to the west, it's weird after traveling for so long to the east, to head out west now. But for a reason: the western part of Mongolia is supposed to be the most beautiful part of the country with snowpeaked mountains, great wildlife and beautiful lakes. Our trip will take about 3 weeks, so half of august I'll be back in civilisation and update my weblog and share all the great things I hope to see in the coming period with you all.

The preparations are almost finished now, we've got two jeeps, a guide, tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, a lot of dried food and a lot of water and ofcourse a masterplan. We will cover about 4.000km and the average you can travel a day is 350 - 400 km.
We will go camping, Mongolia has only communal land so you can camp wherever you like! When we enter the mountain area we will propably sleep with nomadic families in gers.

Dinner in our appartment
Dinner in our appartment

Really looking forward to this trip, will be a great adventure as there are no real roads into the west and most travelers skip the west because it takes about 6 days only to
Camping equipment
Camping equipment
reach the area.

Bye for now and keep your fingers crossed our jeeps will not break down!

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