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Beijing (China)

(Wednesday 5 September 2007) by Lynda
The last part of my Transsiberian trip was great, I had a first class - deluxe - sleeper from UB to Beijing and what a great way to finishing this enormous journey. I can recommend this trip to everyone and I'm even thinking of doing the trip again but in winter to see the beauty of it through frosted windows and covered in snow (the countryside that is..... not me hopefully).

Never seen such a big difference between two countries, no doubt where the border between Mongolia and China is, it was clearly there. Everything in China is more organized, better tended and of course more crowded and every single piece of land is used for something, crowing crops, flowers or build something on it. Even seen the Great Wall from the train..... truly impressive so see such a giant structure snaking over mountains.

Beijing is also impressive, 16 million people trying to live together in one city; the streets are overcrowded, new buildings appear everywhere and the Olympics 2008 is a major issue here. Luckily I still found some traditional hutongs (network of backyards and little streets) where you can see the traditional way of life of Chinese people. I really love to ride a bike in Beijing, it can be dangerous because the Chinese just cross the street without watching and cars just turn left or right without blinking, but it's extremely rewarding. Trying to find your way around town, getting lost in the hutongs, and feeling part of the buzzing life of Beijing.

I'm only two days in China but I've already fallen in love with this country: the people are friendly, the food is so good - 3 meals a day is just not enough - and the shopping is too tempting. Already reserved a cubic meter in a sea container to ship all my souvenir back home.

China feels like the real motherland of Asia, I've seen a lot of Asian countries so I can compare them now, but China is the most Asian country I've ever seen.

Looking forward to the rest of the country...

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