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Kaifeng, Qufu and Tai'Shan (China)

(Saturday 22 September 2007) by Lynda
I continued my trip in Northern China by train to Kaifeng. Kaifeng is known for it's flooding by the Yellow river (368 times, an average of once every two years) but luckily also for a better reason: the Justice Bao of the Sung Dynasty. He represents the yearning of the Chinese people for justice and fair play in government. Thank you Raymond for your background information!

In Kaifeng there is no escape from Jason (Chinese name: too complicated, code name: Golden Phoenix) who insisted on showing us around in his rickshaw and gave us detailed information on all the sites.
Driving Jason's rickshaw
Driving Jason's rickshaw
We visited the Shanshangan Guild Hall, the Po-pagoda, the Yanqing temple and the Longting park with the Dragon pavilion. It was a great day seeing all these great sites and risking our life in the rickshaw. And I found out it's quite hard to ride a rickshaw!

From Kaifeng I traveled to Qufu, birthplace of Confucius in search of some wisdom. Qufu is a very nice little town and the Confucian forest with the tomb of Confucius is a very peaceful place to walk around (once you have passed the souvenir stalls) and feel part of nature. Each of Confusius' students planted a tree from his birthplace so the forest is quite unusual but also very impressive.

After all these lazy days it was time for some exercise and for my quest for the sun: Tai'Shan! In ancient Chinese tradition, it was believed that the sun began its westward journey from Tai'Shan so reason enough for me to
Head in the clouds
Head in the clouds
investigate where the sun really comes from. Although Tai'Shan is only 1545m above sea level it's a pretty steep climb and 6660 (yes, puff, seen them all) steps lead all the way to the summit. It took me 5 hours to get there.

From its heights Confucius uttered the dictum "The world is small"; Mao lumbered up and declared: "The east is Red" and I climbed up and said: "I don't see shit".

Unfortunately the summit was completely covered in clouds by the time I reached it. I spend the night on the mountain and joined the sun worshipers the next morning only to see more clouds. So no nice views or a beautiful sunrise but I got an outer space experience walking around with my head in the clouds! On the way down it took a full hour before I saw the sun again, my first sun that day!

But the quest is not over, think I will have to go to the land of the rising sun to find out more, so be continued......

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