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Chinese Signlanguage

(Sunday 7 October 2007) by Lynda
China is a great country and I don't mean the actual size of it. I've spend more than a month here and I really love it. Sometimes the chinese people are driving me crazy with their high screaming voices, their non-queue behavior, their pushing and elbowing when entering a lift or a bus or their attemps
Also too complicated for me
Also too complicated for me
to highly overcharge you for whatever. But on other occasions they are so sweet; checking the date of the month before they buy a car to make sure it's a lucky car or their cheerfulness when they talk to you even when they know you don't speak chinese, they keep smiling and the only thing you can do is smile back. Helping you to write down a place where you have to go or writing a note you can hand over to an official at the busstation so you get to the right place. Yes, most chinese I meet are happy, welcoming and friendly people.

Getting around in this country is sometimes a bit hard because of the language, especially the chinese characters. In most public and touristic places the chinese make a real effort to help the tourist with english signs to find his way but sometimes they've tried too hard. Sometimes it's just a typo that makes the exact meaning a bit bizar or you simply don't have a clue what they really want you to do.
They help to explain the signs
They help to explain the signs

And yes, I've laughed at some of the signs because they are too funny but on the other hand..... how many signs in Chinese do you see in a Dutch railway station or the underground in London?

Sad that I'm leaving China but on the other hand, I'll be back to see more of this amazing country after my visit to South Korea and Japan.

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