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Sokcho en Seoraksan National Park (South Korea)

(Thursday 25 October 2007) by Lynda
I took the bus from Seoul to Sokcho to see Seoraksan National Park. And no, I'm not on a big S-quest in South Korea, it's simply a coincidence that I visit so many places starting with an "S".

Seoraksan National Park, Yukdampokpo
Seoraksan National Park, Yukdampokpo
Autumn has also started in my part of the world and I decided it was time to see the change of the season in the biggest national park in Korea.

Sokcho, the gateway to the national park is a little town on the east coast and going to the beach is quite special here. Because this place is so close to North Korea and many North Korean spies simply swim across the border, the beach looks like a fortress. Barbed wire and anti-landing objects everywhere. It gives a very special feeling when you walk on the beach and think about this strange situation. I really hope that the current talks about reunification will get some real effects for these people, because this is really a sad sight.

Luckily the national park was so much nicer, quite cold, but sunny all day and great hiking trails and views. But silly me.... going to a national park during peak season and in a weekend....... So yes, I've seen the beautiful colors of the trees but I had to share these views with some thousands of koreans and had to wait sometimes for ages to get a picture of just the trees!!!! Koreans are really nice people but not on my pictures of the autumn colors. Although, they fit in quite well in their fashionable colorfull hiking clothes..... the park looked like a big add for North Face (just wondering if it's the real stuff or North Fake from China).
Autumn is beautiful!
Autumn is beautiful!

Monday was much nicer in the park; time and space just to sit just somewhere on a big stone, hear the waterfall in the back and enjoy the scenery and feel the change of the season. Was great simple being there and feel part of it all. And a good moment to contemplate and realize how lucky I am to see all these beautiful places. Sometimes I'm so occupied with the traveling itself that I almost forget that I'm here, a near 10.000 km away from home on this wonderful trip, a lifetime experience!

Yes, this is what traveling is about, meeting the nicest people, seeing the most amazing sights and feel part of this big beautiful world, I love it! And I'm very happy I can share it all with you, show you the sights in my pictures and sometimes I wish I had more words to explain to you the feeling of it all but sometimes words are not enough!

So this is an invitation to you all, come to my side of the world and see for yourselves and maybe even better, join me on this amazing trip.

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