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Gyeongju (South Korea)

(Friday 2 November 2007) by Lynda
Time to head south, it's getting quite cold here but still some time left for one more stop: Gyeongju. Gyeongju is called a museum without walls and indeed, so much things to see. I've spend 3 days just walking around and simply didn't have enough time to see it all. I've visited the Tumuli park and been inside one of these tombs. The function is the same as the pyramids in Egypt only these are earthen moulds covered with grass. Maybe not so impressive as the pyramids, but a group of tumuli can still be quite impressive.

Anapji Pond
Anapji Pond
The National Museum of Gyeongju was also very impressive; a couple of buildings filled with all kind of treasures that were found when the moulds were excavated (golden crowns, pottery, weapons). Some of these treasures have only recently been found when the Anapji pond was emptied for reconstruction, must have been a nice surprise for them.....

The park surrounding the Anapji pond is lovely and very well laid out and I've spend more than an hour there, walking around the pond and just sitting there in the sun and watching the squirrels getting ready for winter. They are so cute!

Autumn has started
Autumn has started
I also liked the Cheomseongdae Observatory, quite amazing that it has 30 layers and each layer is constructed with 12 blocks, so representing days and months. It's position is somehow related to the position of the stars but that part was a bit too complicated for me.

On my third day I wanted to climb Mount Namsam to see the temples and stone Buddha's but I decided to go back after a full hour of rain and mist, time to head to the internet cafe and spend some time there writing emails.

My last stop in South Korea was Busan, the second biggest city and gateway to Japan. South Korea was nice but not a place I will highly recommend to other people, it's a very developed country and Seoul is impressive but I did miss the authenticity..... too much Disney-like twists. Nature was beautiful but maybe less impressive because I had to share it with too many Koreans. Yep, definitely looking forward to Japan.

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