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The countdown has really started now! (Holland)

(Wednesday 23 May 2007) by Lynda
The real countdown has started, less than a week to go before the train leaves Utrecht.

Just not enough time to arrange everything the way I would like and hardly enough time to see al my friends before I leave. Tomorrow night my official "bye bye diner" and of course beers afterwards. Last night another farewell diner with my roommates Paula and Sofia AND the new camera arrived so hopefully the downloading of the pictures of our dinner is going to work, but I've got a full year so plenty of time to figure it all out. Guess I will be an expert in weblogs when I come back home..... sounds like a career option, insurance and mortgages is sooo last century!

Still no news on the visa, think they will put the pressure to the limits (think it will be my limits) and hand me over my passport 5 minutes before I leave.

Sofia and Paula
Sofia and Paula
The plan is getting more detailed by the day now, got some great tips for Latvia (thank you again Agita!) and received my boat ticket to Riga.

So, you're updated for now, sorry Inge, the preparation phase for me is just STRESS!!!!!

Bye for now!


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