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A new beginning (Singapore)

(Tuesday 24 January 2012) by Lynda
Ubi bene, ibi patria

In the last months of 2011 I became aware of a craving, a deep longing and an itching that was slowly growing within me. In december it finally dawned upon me; I was homesick again. Not homesick for Utrecht that I call home now, but a much deeper feeling of being lost, ill at ease and not in tune with my surroundings. And the only cure for me is travelling; feeling the world while walking its surface, experience its rotation while gazing at the stars, being part of the bigger picture of life and explore the yet unknown.

I didn't need a map to plan this trip, just had to listen to my heart, I wanted to go back to the place where it all started: Asia, continent of my dreams, hopes and desires. The hardest part was finding the way, going overland on an epic journey or overcome my fear of flying and fly straight into my dream? Is this trip about the destination or is it the journey that really matters? And what was holding me back, was I waiting for a sign, an omen to go? The 3 weeks before I left were fun, hectic and alcoholic; arranging my admin and life for a long stay abroad, having a great birthday party with my friends, saying goodbye to family and friends and meeting exciting new people. Trying to force fate and control the world around me until it came clear to me, this is's time to leave. So I did it, I dragged myself in a plane and did overcome my fear of flying, and that alone makes this trip really special to me. I can overcome fear if I want maybe the time is right to confront myself with my biggest fear and live with it.

Singapore river
Singapore river

Singapore, urban jungle, beautiful mix of east and west and as icing on the cake: Chinese New Year. What a magical time to be here and join the celebrations, and look forward to a prosperous year of the dragon. I'm staying with Roosmarijn, Hans and Galen in their condo-appartment and having a wonderful time, great to catch up with them and I do love the pool, what better way to get rid of a jetlag as an evening swim. And meeting Gary again, my singaporean friend. We did meet in Chengdu and Urumqi again and travelled together in China and Kazachstan. We are having a great time exploring Singapore, riding our bikes in the East Coast park and talked for hours over the mysteries of life, love and friendship.

The Korean-pose - very vogue!!!!
The Korean-pose - very vogue!!!!

I will switch from urbane to real jungle tomorrow, flying to Kuching, Borneo Malaysia, for some real adventure.

Fly with me and join me exploring the unknown,


"Guess I'm not a traveller, just want to find out where the sun comes from"

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