Travel Journal

The magical trainticket (China)

(Sunday 9 March 2008) by Lynda
Yes, I've got it, it took me a long time and many visits to the train station, but I outwaited the chinese system and bought a train ticket to Lanzhou.

And I got even better news: i found a Swiss couple that was looking for a nice way back to Europe and we decided to travel together through Kazakhstan, Kyrgistan and Russia. We're quite busy now arranging our Russian train tickets (we have to order them 6 weeks in advance) and finding the nicest route.

I'll get on the train on the 11th of March after almost a month here in Chengdu, definately time to leave, in the hostel they even know what I want for breakfast so I only have to show my face and pay and I get what I want. Nice but a clear sign that it's time to leave!!!!



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