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Parnu and Kuressaare (Estonia)

(Friday 8 June 2007) by Lynda
After some sightseeing in Cesis i took the bus back to Riga and lucky me, I was in time to catch the bus to Estonia. The border crossing was quite easy but of course the Baltic's are European Union now. Met a nice guy in the bus, Simon from Down Under and we got off in Parnu, a beach resort town. Parnu is beautiful, nice beach and a charming little centre.

The next morning we took the bus to Saaremaa, an island on the west coast of Estonia and went to Kuressaare, the capital of the island. We've behaved like real tourist, checking out the castle (Simon says: the best preserved medieval stronghold in the Baltic's), shooting pictures and going to the beach. The beach was supposed to be pristine and sandy but it turned out to be a bit rocky and green with seaweed.

Kuressaare Castle
Kuressaare Castle
So far I really like Estonia, it's green, clean and the houses are very elegant, especially the wooden ones with the beautiful doors (you could make a coffee table book out of that: Doors to Estonia). Sadly most of them don't speak English so getting in the bus and paying is quite a hassle especially when the driver is yelling at you in Estonian and you don't have a clue what it's all about. After some help from other passengers it turned out that he didn't have enough change....... paying a bus ticket of 155 krone with a 500 bill is apparently not a good idea.....

Simon left this morning for Tallinn and I'll do a taxi tour around the island and leave for Tallinn tomorrow.
Boat to Saaremaa
Boat to Saaremaa

I'll do some research today and see if I can find out more about Tuur Soll, an ancient hero of the island who fought with the devil. Sounds really interesting, so I'll let you know!

Thank you all for your nice reply's and Guess who..... I don't have a clue!

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