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St Petersburg (Russia)

(Friday 15 June 2007) by Lynda
The trip from Tallinn to St Petersburg was really interesting. It already started on the tram to get to the bus station. I wasn't too sure where to get off so i asked a guy in the tram. Because his English wasn't too good I really had to concentrate on his answers and at the same time a woman sitting behind me started whispering in my ear "don't trust him", "don't believe him", and I got really confused but by the time she started whispering "I'm scared of him, he will kill me" I got the point and got off at the stop the guy was indicating, really bizarre.
The night bus was ok but it only get's dark/darkish at 11.30 and the sun rises again at 3.30 so it was a really short night with a lot of stops and bumpy roads. The border crossing went perfect and a really nice Estonian woman came with me on the underground in St Petersburg to show me the way; too complicated trying to find your way in the underground when you can't read the signs. Glad I had a guide, without her help I would have ended up somewhere in Siberia.........oops, still have to go there!

Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood
Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood

St Petersburg is amazing, great atmosphere and so beautiful. If it wasn't for the language I could easily live here. Been to the Hermitage, it's so big and so beautiful, Renoir, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet, Matisse, Picasso.... seen them all! And the churches are also very impressive. St Petersburg has an almost copy of the famous church in Moscow: St. Basil. I'll put them both in the gallery when I reach Moscow so you can start counting the differences.
Dvortsovy Most
Dvortsovy Most

Last night we went on a night boat trip on the Neva to see the opening of the bridges at 1.00 am. Many years ago this was done for passage of big boats but now it's only a tradition and they still do it, so many people in boats and at the waterfront shouting and cheering when the bridges opened. The silly thing is, the people on the island cannot leave the island for 3 hours, met a group of backpackers and the night before they were stuck on the island most of the night and had to wait for the bridge to close again, so funny and so silly!

Today a lazy day, got a Bombay belly so I'll have to stay close to the hostel. Hopefully better tonight because I got tickets for the Swan Lake ballet in the Palace Theatre. Really looking forward to that. Saturday I'll take the train to Moscow.

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