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Vladimir and Suzdal (Russia)

(Thursday 21 June 2007) by Lynda
Vladimir, my first meeting with the real Russia. Arriving by train, no map and no hotel reservation....during holiday season, i must be silly...... But I'm a lucky one, with help from a very friendly young man I found a hotel room and the number of the tram to get back to the station and the city centre. Vladimir was ok but nothing special so the next morning I managed to buy a bus ticket to Suzdal. You could get really depressed from officials yelling "njet" to you when you ask a question in english. It can't be me because they also yell to local people so I think it must be in their genes or it's a requirement to get a job in the ticket office. Really strange that people in these more or less formal jobs don't speak a word of english.

More churches than inhabitants
More churches than inhabitants

I'm really glad not all russians behave like that; and to be honest, the nice people really outnumber the nasty njet-people. In the bus I met a friendly girl from Suzdal who took me all the way to my hotel. So sweet! And Suzdal is great, so quiet, green and photogenic. I love this place! I think I will spend 3 lazy days here, just strolling around, take pictures, read a book, eat more of these very tasteful blinis. Blinis (pancakes with funny stuffing) is Russia's biggest invention I think and I love it!! The town is great, all these small wooden houses, beautifully painted and really nice woodcarving. And all the churches; they say there are more churches and domes in Suzdal than people and I think they are right! I think you have to try hard to shoot a picture here without a towerbell or dome on it.

Charming wooden house in Suzdal
Charming wooden house in Suzdal

My hotel is also lovely, although a bit expensive, a 17th century wooden merchant house and two lovely ladies that run the place. They don't speak english but that doesn't stop them talking to me, so sweet! I really feel at home in their place. Nope, it's not the pink one on the picture. My hotel is surrounded by big trees so not really possible to shoot a good picture of it.

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