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Perm (Russia)

(Monday 25 June 2007) by Lynda
I took the night train from Vladimir to Perm, the trip took 17 hours and we covered 1300 kilometers. Amazing but I'm still in Europe!!!! Only when I arrive in Yekaterinburg on the 27th. I will have entered Asia. Amazing, never could have guessed that Europe is that big.

The trip started with a lot of hassle. The provodnitsa (carriage attendant) couldn't read my german train ticket and wanted me off the train. And of course no one on my carriage spoke english and my russian doesn't go any further than da and njet. After a long talk (she in russian and me in english) I found out what the problem was. On russian tickets the name of the passenger and his passport number is stated, and of course on my german ticket not. And on top of that, russian tickets come with a copy, one for the provodnitsa and one for the traveler. In Europe a copy isn't relevant but in Russia it is. When leaving the country I have to show all my registrations in hotels and all my tickets. So in the end we settled for a handwritten copy of my train ticket signed by me. You can imagine how pleased I was, walking for 1300km. isn't my cup of tea.

Platzkartny to Kungur
Platzkartny to Kungur

The rest of the trip was nice, I shared the coupe with 2 lovely russian woman, we talked (again, they in russian and me in english), we exchanged food and souvenirs and had a great time. Even managed to get some hours of sleep.

The russian railway system for an european is a strange system, everything is over-organized but the good thing is, all the trains run without delay. My train arrived in Perm exactly on time..... Time is a funny thing on the transsiberian. All trains run on Moscow time and all the tickets are stated in Moscow time.... so every time you want to take a train you have to add or deduct the time difference with Moscow, quite complicated and a lot of foreign travelers miss a train due to this. So far I was still traveling in the Moscow time zone but now in Perm i'm two hours ahead. So already +4 hours time difference with Holland. Cool, traveled 4 time zones and still no jetlag!!!!
Corridor in hotel Perm
Corridor in hotel Perm

I'm staying in the Ural hotel in Perm at the moment, The book says about this hotel: Average distance from front desk to drab room: about 1 km. This monolith has the charm of an apparatchik, but the location if convenient. And they are right, I walk a lot in this hotel.

The room is ok, but the bed is terrible, one deep hole in the middle of the bed, but indeed, the location is perfect and the price is ok. 750 rubles, that is about 22 euros. Not really cheap for backpackers standards but the cheapest I could find in this place.

I'm going now to Perm tourist and try to get a trip to Kungur, with ice formations, frozen waterfalls and underground lakes...... would love to see that!

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