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Olkhon Island (Russia)

(Thursday 5 July 2007) by Lynda
What an amazing place; this is definately a highlight of my trip so far and I regret spending time in Yekaterinburg, could have easily spend a full week here. When I arrived on the island after 53 hours on the train and an additional 8 hours on a bus I truly believed I was hallucinating, so many shades of green.... impossible. But it's the real thing, everything on the island is so green, even the lake has this beautiful green/blue colour.

I stayed at Nikita's and that was also an amazing place: hippie town meets summer camp, set in an astonishing surrounding. Shaman Rocks just behind the lovely cabins and even gers to sleep in. Watching sunset from the cliffs and just sit there and be part of it, this is what traveling is about. Shame I can't bottle this feeling and send you all a bottle!

Stupa on a small island in Lake Baikal
Stupa on a small island in Lake Baikal

Nikita's was a great place to meet fellow travelers, met Jason again and because we keep on bumping into each other since Suzdal, we decided to hook up, so much nicer! Also met really nice people from England, Germany, Holland and ofcourse Russians. In the evenings we had a bonfire and drank vodka and beer and ate fish (fish and vodka is perfect!). Had a great time swapping stories about traveling, exchanging information on good hostels and trips, simply having a great time enjoying likeminded people.
What a great place!
What a great place!

Went on a daytrip to see the Holy Springs and a stupa on a little island in the lake, spend a day being lazy on the beach (so funny, cows on the beach) and went horseback riding. As you can see in the gallery, the picture is great but I had a hard time with that animal, she just wanted to get rid of the bit and was fighting me all the time. After 2 attemps to race away I had enough and walked the rest of the trip, but I have to admit, I look great on a horse so definately have to try it again, hopefully more luck on Mongolia. I'll travel tomorrow to my last stop in Russia: Ulan Ude. Just 4 more days to go and then my russian visa expires, curious if Mongolia is just as great as Russia. I hope so!

Thanx for all your nice responses and to be honest.....miss you all!!!!

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